TRISPORT stands for highest quality and best service in Luxemburg.

The Company was founded in 1991 by Bruce & Larry CONKLIN, both real cycle-addicts.



Bruce, the heart of the workshop, a real fanatic of bicycle-repair and wheelbuilding. Several times on the road for the luxemburgish National Cycling Team.

Unfortunately he left us in 2004 after a long and terrible illness.

His precision and love for the bikes, we work on, are carried on in our shops.



Larry, triathlete and mountainbike racer, made his dream come real, his hobby became his job.

The young businessman put all his energy into the shop.

In a very short time, the name TRISPORT found its place among the best cycling-shops in Luxemburg and over the borders.




Charel Wirtz worked with Bruce and Larry in Echternach.

With several years of knowledge and training he was up to the new challenge.

He was running the shop in Niederanven .




2019  the NEW TRISPORT

In april 19 we open a new shop in Junglinster

both shops, Echternach & Niederanven, are now united in one new building.


We are Specialized


Cycling is our PASSION


4, ZA um Lënster Bierg


+352 72 00 86




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